PAUL SR. GETS PRANKED Story & Video..........
Airs Thursday 9/6 TLC

The latest build for the boys at Orange County Choppers was a bike for Silver State Helicopters of New Braunfels, TX. The helicopter company agreed to a "chopper for a chopper"  They customized a Bell L-4 helicopter with flames and "American Chopper" logos while Paulie and the guys did their magic on a custom chopper build for the helicopter company.
The dramatic unveiling of the bike included it being brought in suspended from a helicopter in front of a crowd of spectators.
The catch: "Mikey" is the co-pilot, As the bike was hovering over the crowd it suddenly dropped to the ground and exploded into flames. A crew member engulfed in flames added to the drama...the loudspeakers announced that "Mikey accidentally hit the drop switch" Suddenly Paul Jr. appears riding the real bike!
It was a fantastic prank designed to fool the crowd and Paul Sr.
Great Job Boys!.. .Can't wait for this one to air!

Update!     Update!     Update!    Update!    Update!    Update!

       The much awaited "prank" show finally aired and although it was another great build the anticipated surprise prank was sort of lame. For some reason the part where the guy goes up in flames was cut. Paul Sr's reaction to the whole thing was not what we have come to expect from "Pop". His normally hot headed reaction we love so much would have been completely appropriate in this case but to our surprise he barley showed a lick of emotion.  We would have expected "size 12's" to be thrown all over the place after witnessing a $100k+ chopper destroyed by a Mikey's screw up instead, we got non of that. In a way I'm glad, I would rather see his natural reaction to what happened rather than see the man try to act.
Pop, we love you anyway..... keep kickin' ass

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